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Should my dog sleep in my bed?

Do you let your dog sleep in your bed? I always smile when people very reluctantly confess to me they do.

Its like a shameful secret. “I know I’m not supposed to, but my dog sleeps with me.” And then they wait for the horrible wrath of my judgement to fall upon their heads.

And me, the dog trainer whose philosophy is ‘do what works’ always smiles and says, “Yeah, one of mine sleeps with me too.” Victoria wouldn’t be pleased with us. But OH WELL.

I don’t care if your dog sleeps with you. Once he’s housebroken. IF she’s not giving you any grief. Important things to note.

If you growl at the humans, you end up in the crate. Ask me how I know. Sigh.

If he’s not housebroken, despite all the hype of ‘they won’t pee where they sleep’ – three or four steps to the end of the bed is not where they sleep and where they will pee. Really. Go smell.

If you are a heavy sleeper, like I am, they can get up, go pee in the other room, come back, slip in bed with you and no one the wiser. Till you pull up the carpet and find out.

Sometimes dogs get it in their head that they are Kings of the World. Usually, no matter what you read, they are not constantly trying to take over. Sometimes they can be, though and when they do, there can be trouble.

Most of us will fix our wanna be princess with a cool stare and say “Excuse me? Who do you think you are?!” and they will roll over, pee submissively and say “sorry mom, can’t blame a girl for trying. Won’t happen again!”

It amazes me that all dogs aren't perfect like I am! What are they thinking?

If they do get the upper hand though, your bed is not a good place for them to be. The worst case I ever saw of King syndrome was from a rat terrier, who ran first his mom out of the bed, then the dad. Mom slept in the other bedroom, and he would let dad sleep for a couple hours, but then made him get up and go to the couch. I don’t make these things up.

If you can move your dog over, kick him, and he isn’t stealing your pillow, its all good. I don’t care if he sleeps with you. If you’re having trouble, we will do something else.

I decided to try and let my Other Dog sleep with me this week. AJ has been in my bed since the start. Dachshunds cuddle the best. Great feet warmers. I started Odie off in the crate. My husband didn’t want 2 dogs in the bed, so crate was a good place to keep puppy safe.

But its been over six months since I got him now, and while he happily goes to his crate/bed every evening, I thought, okay. Lets try.

First night was wonderful. He came to bed, curled in a little ball and slept all night. I thought – great!
But then, oh then – the next night.

Does anything make me happier than getting the dog in trouble? Thinking NOT!

Odie and the cat decided to play. ALL FREAKING NIGHT. Up, down, chase and run. Bark and meow. On the bed, down the stairs, around the house. over and over and over.

He’s back in the crate. I don’t care if your dog is in your bed, but man, I need my sleep!

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