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Is it a problem?

“I probably shouldn’t let him do X, but I really don’t mind it,” people tell me sheepishly as they eye their dog acting like a dog.

Deep breath.  You know what?  There are no ‘one size fits all’ households….or  items of clothing,  for that matter!  Just saying.

If its not a problem for you, its not a problem.  Your house isn’t like my house.  What might be okay in my active household with someone home all the time,  might be a major issue in yours with everyone gone eight to ten hours at a time.

I ike to chase squirrels! And joggers. And bikes. And cars. And well....

A household with toddlers running amuck has different rules than those aforementioned toddlers’ grandparent’s house.

A one, older dog, family does things differently than a house with two young lively puppies.

And my rules are not your rules.

Some people will sigh happily and tell me “potty pads were the best thing  ever invented!”  While the next person will look at them and state very firmly, “I don’t care what they’re for, dogs do NOT defecate inside!”  Neither of them are right, or wrong.  Just different.

And different is okay.

Chewing! yum! Shoes. Socks. Boots. Toes!

Bed sleeping – seems to be a very  high tension issue.  Everyone who does it seems to feel badly about it.   If its not a problem, its not a problem.   I have two dogs.  One sleeps in his crate – happily – and the other sleeps with me.  And when he’s not there I miss him!  I like a dog in my bed.  A lot. He’s good.  He sleeps all night – doesn’t get up till I do.  He cuddles just right and never growls when I move around.

But just yesterday, I told a lady, “no more bed sleeping for your dog”.  Because there was a problem.

Retractable leashes make me shudder.  Big time.  People are so rude with them!  They forget how to thumb that brake.  Dog goes wild – willy nilly anywhere they want – including around your legs six times – while they yell vainly “Come back!”  Ummm hmmmm.  That’s working.   And yet, I own one, and take it to the park with me and the kids, so dog can go and run and sniff and enjoy.   Not on walks, though, and Never to the lovely pet store that allows dogs in!  But other people have no issue doing either of those things.

I bark to protect my mom! From the doorbell. Squirrels! Blowing leaves! My imaginationary friends!

Barking at the doorbell when it rings.

Counter surfing.

Do they come when they are called?

Do they pull on the leash so hard they gag?

Do they growl when they have a lovely chewy?

Do they jump all over your guests?

Do they eliminate inappropriately?  (Be sure to checkout ‘housetraining Wednesdays!’ on the blog every week!)

What are your issues?  How can I help?  Leave a comment.  Email.  Call.  Let’s set up a consultation!

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