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Question of the week – bed sleeping

“Is it safe for my dog to sleep in my bed with me?” This is a new one. Safe, how?
Are you worried you will roll over on your puppy and squish him?

I'm a bed cuddler. I do tend to snort in the night though. Bother you?

Are you afraid your dog will decide he’s King of the World and eat you?

Two totally different questions there.

First off, if you have a very teeny tiny baby, or brand new bigger/older dog, she is probably safer in the crate. No falling off the bed in the night, no accidental kicking her with your feet, no wandering down to the end of the bed and peeing. Gives them a safe place of their own.

I like to wake up about 2 am and run through the house like a fool Wanna join me??

As to the King of the World syndrome. Yeah. It happens sometimes. My answer to this is: If you aren’t having any trouble, I don’t care if you sleep with your dog. Really. I don’t.
If you ARE having trouble of any sort, even minor issues, just don’t. They will get worse instead of better.

I define trouble as any one or a combination of the following: pee or poop in the house or on the bed during the night.
Acting like they don’t know its night time by running around and acting like a fool.
Growling when you move your feet or legs.
Growling or Not moving when you get up to go and come back to bed.

There is me, my brother and my sister in my mom and dad's bed. It's all good.

If you have any worries at all about your dog in your bed, get them out of there. Get a nice crate. Keep them safe. Keep them confined. Keep them in their own place.
Then if you want – try it again in a few months. A dog in a bed can be a lovely companion. But he needs to realize you are the king of the world whether he sleeps with you or not.

I’ll give a few tips on how to make your dog more comfortable in the crate in the next few days.

Housebreaking Quick Tip

If you have a puppy – or older dog – who just isn’t ‘getting it’, here’s another idea for you.
If they just aren’t getting the idea they go outside or on the pee pads only, one idea is to add a noise.
I know you walk them ON THE LEASH to the One spot you want them to go, and say the SAME WORDS “Go Potty”. Then when they do go, you softly praise and give them a small yummy.

Don't look at me! I'm housebroken. Talk to those Crested things. Especially that little one. She has No Clue!

I’ve found while they are going – if you add in another sound, a soft click with a clicker or your tongue, a gentle bell or whistle, some dogs seem to catch on a little faster. “Oh, yeah, I get it now!”
Not all. But Some. Maybe Yours? Try it, let me know if it helps?

Puppy puppy puppy!

Its 3 am. I’m UP! Puppy had to pee. And does she tiptoe into my room and whisper in my ear, “mom? mom?”
No. She SCREAMS at the top of her little lungs “I NEED OUT!”
And wakes all her brothers up in the process. Everybody wants out at 3 am!
And yeah, I’m loving it.

I can blend with the floor! Almost.

After looking and researching for what seemed a very long time, I have puppy!

What is she? Can you tell?

She’s the same kind of dog as my naked one.

Yeah, she must be a Crested. You can't get a picture when she goes full speed!

Yes. Its true. Chinese Crested’s come in 2 kinds.
One hairless, one called a ‘powderpuff’. And she looks like a puff. So soft. Fluffy.
I had to buy a comb! None of my other animals needed a comb!

I think I'm going to like it here. I HOPE!

Her mom was a hairless who looked remarkably like my Odie. Same coloring. Her daddy was an apricot powderpuff.

We are thinking this one might be show quality puppy. But will see as she gets older. But right now, she’s learning to fit in with her new family and our silly rules.

Pee outside.
We do NOT chew on mommy’s computer wires!
Come when you are called and good things happen.
Leave the alpha dachshund’s stuff alone!
Crying in the crate does not let you out of the crate.
Unless its 3 am and you gotta pee. Then it does. I KNOW – consistency IS the key to puppy raising!

Me and my new boy. We will be best friends. Till I chew up his stuff.

See, dog trainers know these things.
(and we think her name is Willow. But its not set in stone yet.)

Happy Puppy Day!

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