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Boarding! Doggie Day Care!



School has started!  Almost fall – and you know what that means – Yes!  Kids are gone all day,  and  holidays are going to be upon us!

Long Road Kennel in north Decatur IL now offers a few new options for your small dog – 35 pounds and under (unless pre approved).  We do boarding – leaving for a few days, or more?  Want someone to watch your tiny one in a home, instead of a kennel situation?  We do that.

Couch  sitting, tv watching, toy playing, under foot in the kitchen, hanging out with the peoples and dogs,  a big fenced yard for those needed times (paper trained dogs also welcome as one of mine is also) and fun times to run and play.   Kennel or couch sleeping available – yeah, they can even bed sleep if desired… Texting with pictures sent throughout the day, if you worry a lot.  :)

We've had company all weekend!  Enough to wear a puppy out!


Don’t need a few days care, but  a only a day or two/three every week for your dog to come socialize and exercise while you work instead of hanging in the kennel at home?  This is also available  MWF’s.   Drop them off in the morning, pick them up, as a local day care says, ‘happy and exhausted’ after work.

Available and black out days each month  coming soon.




Boarding – $12 per day up to three days, then drops to $8 for the duration.   for one dog.  Add $6 a day for the second dog.  o add on’s!  Treats, play times, inside and out, kisses, hugs and pets at no extra charge.

Doggie Day Care -  6:30 to 6:30 MWF  $16 one day a week (second dog $8) ,  and a second and/or third day for $12 (one dog) each day, and the second dog for $6.


Contact: Katesdogs@live.com   or leave a message at 217-454-2730

Their Job Today

My grandma is 96, and recently went from assisted living to nursing home care.   This loving, stable, wonderful, crazy, OH so family oriented, woman isn’t long for this world now.    A friend keeps asking me if I have closure yet.   I don’t think there will be closure.    She will go at some point.  Rumor has it we all do.    But, nope.  Not ready.  At least I’m not.

But last few times I’ve visited her, she’s said she wished she could see one of my puppies.  Hold them.  Pet them.

Well, she can barely see.   Her hands are so crippled now she can’t feel.  Or fed herself or anything else we take for granted.    She very often calls me either my oldest  daughter’s  or my sister in laws name.  And I don’t care.  As long as she feels the love, that’s all that matters.

But a couple of puppies and I went to see her today.

She’s telling me she can’t see him.   My sister is telling her he looks just like a baby Airedale.   She loves an Airedale.   They don’t really – but it made her happy.

And the best part – is now she’s asking everyone who comes in the room if they got to see ‘her’ puppies.

Puppies and I made her happy for a few minutes.  Gave her something to think and talk about.   That  is all we wanted.

Thank you Lucas and Liam.     You  boys did good today.



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Happy HumpDay HouseBreaking Hint!

I just love saying that….

Anyway – so the question this is week is about regression.   Nope, not hypnotizing your dogs back to a past life.   Though, that does sound fascinating, doesn’t it?  Were they all queens and kings and Cleopatra?  Oh, wait, no, pretty sure that’s cats.

And kitty teaches all the puppies who's boss!

And kitty teaches all the puppies who’s boss!




But instead, we are talking about dogs who used to be – they used to be housebroken or they used to be dry in the crate or they used to scratch at the back door – but Now They Don’t.  Now They Aren’t.  And we aren’t happy, are we?  nooooooooooo…….

Okay – anytime a dog regresses, or starts doing or not doing something differently, I always suggest a vet check.   All the training in the world is not going to fix a bladder infection or a sore elbow or something physical going on.  So that is number one.  Especially our little girl dogs.   You’d be surprised at the number of them who get bladder infections.   Easily fixed.  All better!  Yay me!

So after we go to the vet and make sure our sweet thing is healthy, then we go back to training.   The biggest reason dogs regress is because we do.  I know.  All our fault.  As usual.   When we first get our puppy or new dog, or start training a new behavior, we focus on it.   “I want you to go to the back door and ring the bell to go out.”   Such fun!  So we focus on it, and encourage the dog and we praise them and make sure we are there and after dog has done it a few times, we pat ourselves on the back and say ‘we did it!  He knows it!’ and then we slack off.

Training?   Nah, I just do what I want.

Training? Nah, I just do what I want.




And guess what?   Dog doesn’t know it yet.  Not in the ‘do it every day for the rest of your life’ kind of way, anyway.   It takes 21 days to make a habit, and you know you didn’t do it for 21 days, did you?   Don’t lie.   I know.   So since he doesn’t yet really know the behavior, even though he’s done it a few times, then you have to start working on that training again.   Don’t get mad, just re focus your attention and do it a while longer.

Just like remembering long division after summer break, at one point, dog will go OH YEAH and pick it back up again.

Okay  – used to be dry in the crate?  What changed?  Are you feeding at a different time?  Leaving puppy in there too long?  Was there a recent spay or neuter or surgery?     First think of how long puppy is in there.    If having a growth spurt or getting more or less exercise or a hundred different things, the times they can hold it can change.  Did you put him in a different crate?  That can do it too.   Different bedding?  Feeding them too late at night?  Sometimes after a surgery, it takes a while for them to heal and they won’t be able to hold it as long.   There are many reasons for overnight crate messes and dog being pissed off or wanting to get back at you  is usually not one of them.    Really.

I don't get mad.  Really!

I don’t get mad. Really!




Dogs aren’t cats after all.

What’s your issue?  Tell me about your dog’s ‘but he used to!’ problem?

Oh – check out the announcement at www.longroadkennel.com    Want a preview?



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